Bonded warehouse

GDSK Your customs agent for all cases

GDSK is your customs specialist with AEO certification type C/S.

The status as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO C/S) grants us special benefits in customs controls, simplifications in customs clearance and the possibility to set up a bonded warehouse for your goods.

Bonded warehouse - procedure of a special kind

A bonded warehouse at GDSK offers dropshippers, manufacturers and traders from all over the world interesting savings potentials and logistics advantages. You store your goods duty-free and for an unlimited period in our bonded warehouses – as soon as the goods are sold, we take over the transport to your customers. 

Warehouse and pallets
The advantages of a bonded warehouse with GDSK are cost and interest savings. Avoid tying up capital for storage of your goods and pay customs duty and import VAT only upon sale.
Our services for a smooth customs clearance
  1. Setting up and managing bonded warehouses
  2. Customs declarations from bonded warehouses
  3. Temporary storage of duty unpaid goods
  4. Digital and documentary recording
  5. Shipment tracking/status check for our customers, incl. access to documents
  6. Deferral account
Our goal

Our goal is to make your customs clearance as smooth and fast as possible. Accelerated processes in customs clearance, use of IT interfaces and speedy transport is what makes our service so efficient. Other fulfillment services round out our offering as a customs service provider.

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