Same Day Delivery

Picked up today and delivered today - Europe-wide!

For all shipments that need to reach the recipient at home or abroad on the same day. GDSK delivers urgently needed spare parts, documents or medicines to their destination throughout Europe on the same day. GDSK’s logistics experts will pick up your urgent shipment from your premises and deliver it directly to the recipient.

Limitless possibilities

  • Transport on the fastest way: by airplane, ICE or direct transport
  • On request in constant company of a courier
  • Nationwide pickup two hours after commissioning

It has to happen fast now...

Contact us! We will help you quickly and reliably!

More information

  • The weight per package should not exceed 32 kg
  • The shipment will be charged by volume weight (VG) once the VG exceeds the real weight. VG (kg) = length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) : 5000
  • Airfreight Maximum size (length x width x height): 50 cm x 50 cm x 90 cm or 20 cm x 20 cm x 120 cm
  • ICE (Intercity Express) Maximum length : 100 cm, girth: 200 cm (girth = 1x length + 2x width + 2x height)